Exclusive customization

By Demes customer's customization

The TSS application allows customization for the installation company, which allows the customer to feel the application as their own.


Change the look of TSS and make it yours.

Modifying colors and logo from the web administration panel.
Improve your brand image.

Personal information

We believe it is important that our customers have a presence in the application, so we show an easy way for the end customer to contact them.


APP without maintenance costs when using By Demes products*.


The app is fully developed by By Demes, so the support is offered directly by our technical support service.

TSS está en continuo crecimiento gracias a los comentarios de nuestros clientes, incluimos mejoras bajo demanda.

Professional service

Find the perfect design to make this application your own

The TSS application is customized with :

  • Information of the installer company.
  • Corporative logos.
  • Company color.

Future improvements:

  • Notification system (Company-Customer) for: reminders of revisions, campaigns, mass notifications ...


By Demes Group is the leading distributor of electronic security equipment in the Iberian market and a reference at international level.

Our main goal is to provide the most appropriate solution to our customers according to their needs, with a great service at all levels. To achieve this, our more than 140 qualified professionals do their utmost to satisfy our customers through the most complete catalog of products and solutions on the market, together with a commitment to quality, commercial attention, logistics, after-sales service, training and innovation. Translated with (free version)

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